April 23, 2013

    TeamQuest's Dave Wagner and our storage partner Intellimagic's Brett Allison gave attendees an in depth look at automated, exception-based capacity planning solution that spans servers, storage, and a plethora of business data sources.

    Using TeamQuest Surveyor's automated reporting capabilities in conjunction with the detailed performance and capacity data from Intellimagic as well as the rich server and network performance and capacity data of the TeamQuest CMIS, we are able to provide comprehensive, federated analytics extended across server/storage. Extending Surveyor's capabilities to encompass the storage domain while still fully integrated with any/all other data sources/use-cases is a powerful application of TeamQuest technology. The sky is the limit - financial, power consumption, application response, resource utilization, service catalog, trouble tickets...the list is endless. All of these data sources, in one place, correlated and automated in an exception-based format.

    Surveyor Architecture Diagram

    The TeamQuest storage solution uses an SMI-S compliant storage data collection and storage. We currently support EMC and IBM in VMware environments. Expansions are planned throughout 2013 to include other storage brands and platforms. We can integrate with other storage tools and data sources as well.