April 12, 2011

    You might be thinking to yourself, "What in the world does Sea Mist have to do with IT?" Well, you are right...just a slight miscommunication. Instead of Sea Mist, Ron Potter and Jon Hill talked about CMIS ("s? miss" aka Capacity Management Information System). Enough with the play on words, how about some details?

    TeamQuest products use shared components that manage all performance data and provide for centralized administration of performance data collection and management. Product integration through these shared components simplifies IT service performance analysis for large IT operations. The resulting efficiencies are viewed as a strategic business advantage by many TeamQuest customers.

    Here are a few advantages of using TeamQuest CMIS:

    1. Policy-based administration making it easy to manage a large number of systems.
    2. Distributed storage of detailed performance data - you don't have pull all of the data you collect to a central repository.
    3. Seamless integration of federated data sources by using IT Resources in TeamQuest IT Service Analyzer and IT Service Reporter in a single pane of glass.
    4. Selective centralization of aggregated data to allow users be flexible in how they move data around. You don't have to have it all or nothing, you can keep fine grained details close to the source while centralizing certain aggregated data.

    The type and amount of data that you might include is truly unlimited by using TeamQuest User Agents and our XML interface.

    Everyone can collect data, but it's all about what you do with the data and how you transform data into information!