April 11, 2011
    TeamQuest Technology Summit 2011 is off and running with an introduction by our very own Vernon Johnson (follow him on Twitter at @vjthree). The events this week promise to be packed full of discussions around virtualization, cloud computing, and just how capacity management can guarantee a successful implementation of a variety of emerging technologies.

    TeamQuest CEO, Jerred Ruble, takes the podium to let the audience know that 2011 is a also the 20th anniversary of TeamQuest Corporation's existence. We are proud to say that our company has been profitable for all of these 20 years and we have no one more�to thank more than our customers!

    Mr. Ruble also announced that Verizon Wireless has been named the recipient of the TeamQuest IT Service Optimization (ITSO) Award for TeamQuest customers�adopting ITSO best practices and leveraging TeamQuest Performance Software in their operations.

    In looking to the future, TeamQuest is focusing on virtualized and cloud environments, scalable and extensible Capacity Management Information System (CMIS), and more automated capacity management.