April 11, 2011
    IT strategy is enabling business strategy. Verizon Wireless�is built on technology and uses technology to drive customer success.

    TeamQuest analytics are a required component of the purchasing approval process. Without the necessary TeamQuest proof, funding requests are denied.

    TeamQuest is the "Source of Truth" Used to monitor and optimize every environment: Solaris, Windows, HPUX, AIX, VMware, and Linux. Used to forecast future performance and also a deep dive diagnostic tool.

    As we heard from Cameron Haight earlier, mentoring is key. Verizon Wireless pairs veteran TeamQuest users with those who have been identified needing capacity management experience.

    Planning for Demand Peaks -Verizon Wireless is able to accurately predict peak utilization within 5% on critical Point Of Sale systems on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Integrates TeamQuest with HP Openview to monitor key performance indicators. Plan to create dynamic thresholds using historical data collected by TeamQuest and setting alarms on a percentage deviation from the baseline.

    Iconic Device Launch (IDL) Planning. VzW started selling a certain phone that many of your are aware of and all VzW teams used TeamQuest to forecast their hardware needs and guaranteed themselves to be ready for a successful launch day. They sold more Apple iPhones in the first 2 hours of the launch (3AM to 5AM) than any previous single day in Verizon Wireless history. Over 62% of sales were online--all systems performed within planned thresholds and no performance issues were encountered in stores, online or by customers activating their new phones.

    Verizon Wireless customer satisfaction is high, and continues to be, for existing and new customers. Focus on the Customer - Deliver Value to the Bottom Line!