April 11, 2011
    With moderator, Cameron Haight, the panel addressed a variety of topics including cloud computing, virtualization, and the future of service delivery in tomorrow's business environment.

    Virtualization: goal is to virtualize 85% to 95% of their Windows environment using VMware. Starting virtual desktop projects that are currently in pilot right now. All are concerned with power and cooling.

    Cloud Computing: starting to dabble with both public and private clouds. There are still security issues and concerns with public clouds for consumers.

    How are virtualization and cloud computing changing capacity planning? Well, not an easy answer - it is and it isn't. There are many moving parts, and they are moving quickly. Sometimes good enough capacity planning may be good enough and you may have to plan for a wider margin of error. It is much easier to create environments and then tear them down. The virtualization technologies ease some of the smaller capacity related incidents, but there still remains a need to plan for capacity.

    What keeps you up at night? Reliability and uptime coupled with growth in business all the while having to do more with less. Realizing that you have to let go of some precision (not accuracy) - lead times are shorter so you have to give up some precision.

    Traditional capacity planning groups need to insert themselves earlier in the application development planning process instead of waiting until the application is built. This theme all goes back to understanding the business needs and translating the business needs into the language of IT.