December 11, 2009

    What were people asking about at CMG this year? Questions varied from workloads, automated reporting and TeamQuest Model, to collecting metrics in AIX and implementing a public cloud.

    Read this post from TeamQuest Technology Summit 2009 on TeamQuest software and AIX.

    While I can't go into great detail, I can say that several visitors got what they wanted - a complete answer.

    While not known for marketing its services, TeamQuest fielded a few questions about IT Service Optimization (ITSO). Customers saw an ITSO demo or two from Enterprise Performance Specialist Rey Rios along with capacity management tools that complement the ITSO process.

    CMG was a great opportunity to continue supporting the individuals and teams responsible for ensuring efficient and scalable IT service delivery to the business.

    BTW, stay tuned for more information on TeamQuest Performance Software in the Cloud.

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