January 24, 2011

    This entry is one in a series of Top 10 lessons learned by Ron Potter in his previous job as the Director of Capacity Planning at a Fortune 100 health insurance provider.

    Relationships Matter

    Whether you realize it or not, building relationships are key to your success. People work together better when it isn't just another faceless person behind that email or speakerphone. I have made it a point to meet many of my business and IT co-workers. I have participated in company events such as golf tournaments, baseball game outings and fund-raising activities. Participation in activities such as those helps build better working relationships and makes our jobs easier.

    Now many of you might perceive this as playing politics and find that distasteful. Politics is not the goal here. In many cases, communication breakdowns occur because we do not know or understand the person originating the request or information and misinterpret it. As a result we go down the wrong road and it usually isn't caught until late in the service delivery process. When we know each other better, we work together better. Communications disconnects are rare because we know the parties involved and more clearly understand their positions and needs.  Whether you realize it or not, we treat people we know differently. That personal familiarity makes a difference because IT is complex and requires teamwork to be successful. Relationships create those bonds and are needed to more efficiently and accurately complete our day-to-day work.

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