June 23, 2009

    ITIL Version 3 is a quantum leap for the best practice framework. It looks at IT as a business process, requiring substantial business input. ITIL V3 is about the best practices needed to run the business of IT. Many find this concept daunting. The good news is that many of the ITIL Version 2 processes still exist in V3, just structured into a business process approach instead of a technology approach. Those familiar with TeamQuest ITSO processes and best practices will have an easier time with the difference as ITSO has been promoting this type of change since 2005 — more than 2 years before ITIL V3.

    So what is the value in doing the work, especially if you have already implemented ITIL V2?  First, let me say that ITIL V3 is not for everyone. Many organizations' culture is counter to ITIL V3 principles so failure would be fairly certain.

    For example, cultures where business and IT are housed in separate ivory towers aren't ideal candidates for success. You know what I'm talking about. The blame game begins at the castle bastions, where accusations are hurled like arrows. This is an extreme example, but I wanted to get my point across that without discussion and collaboration, moving to ITIL V3 will most likely fail.

    For those with a viable culture, ITIL V3 will improve the lines of communication. IT will be operated like a business and report results like a business. This will result in IT being accepted as an equal. IT expenditures will be viewed as investments rather than expenses. Those who have already successfully implemented ITIL V3 report huge successes in using IT services to improve business performance and excellent working relationships with business units.

    Since many have said that reading the new books is a prescription for insomnia, I have recently written a white paper that gives the reader a high level view. It also explains how TeamQuest solutions continue to facilitate some of the ITIL V3 best practices. Download it now. There is no charge to do so and you need not register to download.

    Please let me know of any changes to improve the content. I look forward to your comments.

    Until the next time!

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