April 28, 2009

    I'm here for the 8th annual TeamQuest Technology Summit (TTS). Despite the economy there has been a good turnout with everyone in a good mood. It's hard to be otherwise here in Savannah, Georgia. Blue skies and light sea breezes make for a wonderful, relaxed environment to discuss Capacity Management topics.

    The conference kicked off with a welcome by President and CEO Jerred Ruble. He brought people up to date on TeamQuest happenings since the last meeting. He also awarded the IT Service Optimization Award to Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

    Bruce Bachman, LSAC CIO, was here to accept the award. It was well-deserved as LSAC made huge strides in improving services over the past several years. Congratulations to Bruce, Jerry Goldman, Technical Services leader, and all the people at LSAC who worked so hard to make their success a reality!!

    Some LSAC highlights:

    • Used ITIL/ITSO best practices to manage risks
    • Beat Recovery Time Objective goal by 12 hours
    • Beat Recovery Point Objective by 3.5 hours
    • Project finished ahead of time and under budget

    JP Garbani of Forrester had a great presentation. He spoke on strategies to improve IT efficiency. He covered some history as to how we got here from a Capacity Management perspective. He then discussed how technology complexity has increased and covered how this complexity impacts the business. He stressed the point that we can no longer afford to be reactive as too many staff productivity and customer revenue dollars are lost during outages. He closed by saying we need to have predictive processes to minimize outages, reducing costs and improving customer service; something very important and timely in these trying economic times. It was refreshing to hear him tout some of the very same ITSO principles we have been advocating over the years.

    Well, I'm off to the next session.

    Until the next time...