December 7, 2009

    Day one at CMG and I visited the TeamQuest User Group to hear several presentations. The first one was titled "A Pragmatic Look at Cloud Computing, Capacity Management, and TeamQuest Solutions" by the TeamQuest Director of Product Management Scott Adams.

    After going through a brief description of cloud computing and its benefits, Adams spent time discussing TeamQuest's Capacity Management Information System (CMIS) and the company's data analysis and automation plans.

    TeamQuest provides a CMIS which provides the historical data needed to make informed decisions on new services and major service enhancements. In addition, high level modeling of different scenarios helps leaders understand the potential impacts of new and changed services on the IT infrastructure. For more information, read "Release 10 and ITIL Version 3" on the TeamQuest website.

    Adams' presentation focused more on the relevancy of capacity management and the fact that the cloud is more about delivering services than it is a technology. 

    As product manager, Adams explained that TeamQuest will focus on:

      • Adapting to new technology
      • Scaling to the large enterprise
      • Automation, real-time analysis

    Questions dealt with the ability to service cloud service providers and/or cloud users. How does TeamQuest software interface with the CMDB? Here's an article on the CMDB [obsolete link removed].

    I'm headed to an event later tonight, but plan to make two more posts before tomorrow morning.

    BTW, TeamQuest announced a software release in October 2009. Adams covered many of its benefits and future enhancements in today's discussion. What do you need in capacity planning software for your IT and business needs?

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