June 13, 2008
    Most software companies admit that they listen to their customers and value input. One way they do that is via a customer survey. Customer surveys are a great way to acquire information about expectations and experiences. The results can help companies build strategies for improvements.

    During the past several months, TeamQuest has been refining our annual customer survey as well taking some time to look at last year's results and ask ourselves "how are we doing?"

    The TeamQuest Customer Survey is focused on three areas:

    1. Identifying perceptions of software and support

    2. Measuring expectations and satisfaction

    3. Examining feedback to generate improvement

    As you might imagine, we take the findings very seriously. In last year's survey more than 90% of respondents had a high satisfaction experience with the company. Almost 90% had a high satisfaction rating for the software product they purchased. The high marks are extremely positive, and while near the top, we continue to refine aspects of the product and customer experience to not only keep them where they are, but beat last year's percentages.   Since our survey has remained constant over time, we are able to provide in depth gap analysis.  This helps us better target specific areas for refinement.   
    Our survey also allows for respondents to submit anonymous comments.  We are lucky to have such an active customer base that provides insight that we might not normally receive.   

    Chances are if you're reading this, you've received some kind of an email survey from a vendor.  I know you probably wonder if it's worth your time to fill it out.  In our case, I would say the answer is definitely yes, as TeamQuest receives valuable feedback that we actually utilize.  Our survey also provides an opportunity for written comments.  We have always been pleasantly surprised at our customer's responses, naming people at the company who have helped provide support or answers to questions.  It has not been unusual to be asked for an introduction to our support or documentation staff members at our TeamQuest Technology Summit.  Our customers want to put faces to the voices or to the email help they have received.   

    Whether comments are in regard to our products, customer support, or the corporation in general, we're listening.  If you are a TeamQuest customer, you can expect to receive our survey this fall.  However, we're working on it now, and take it very seriously, as past comments and results have helped us refine our products, services, and support.