August 8, 2013

    The latest virtualization and cloud technologies are setting the stage for highly flexible, adaptive software.

    Software Defined Computing (SDC) environments offer the promise of revolutionizing time to deployment and value for IT organizations that can successfully adopt its capabilities. As with all new technologies, the success of SDC adoptions will depend upon a comprehensive and coherent management approach.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    1. About the elements of SDC - both benefits and pitfalls - as well as exciting new developments in management and optimization approaches that can speed the adoption and value of this exciting new technology.
    2. The latest management approaches that adapt to these new technologies as you Virtualize, go to the Cloud, or invest in Big Data solutions. By doing so, you can simultaneously get the big picture as well as continuously optimize your entire IT ecosystem.

    Join guest speaker Richard Fichera of Forrester Research, Inc. and David Wagner from TeamQuest Corporation as they explore these technologies and business drivers and how they potentially affect you.

    Hear real life examples of how leading organizations have married multiple existing technologies - resulting in significant increases in business service levels while simultaneously realizing improved asset and financial performance.

    (This webinar is no longer available.)


    Category: cloud-computing