April 23, 2012
    Director of Product Management Scott Adams led off with a recap of Release 11 that just came out a few weeks ago. His excitement for this release shows, and it's contagious! Given the hallway talk, attendees are ready to get their hands on it.

    Product Manager Perry Stupp described the philosophy of the TeamQuest Surveyor product. He said they've spent the last 6 years developing this product based on user input. "Customer understand their problems better than anybody - it's been our job to listen so we can build a product that meets their needs." He likens the flexibility of TeamQuest Surveyor to legos...you can snap together the same legos in different ways to create a Star Wars Death Star or a bionicle or anything else. In much the same way, TeamQuest Surveyor provides flexible building blocks so customers can adapt it easily to fit their needs.

    Future releases of TeamQuest Surveyor will include enhanced end-to-end analysis, giving users the ability to look at the performance and capacity of infrastructure devices both in isolation and holistically. More out-of-the-box integration with additional data sources is a top priority, as well as building a community of users that can share the cool views and reports they use.

    We'll be seeing some auto predict features soon, too! Sophisticated algorithms will run in the background and predictions will be saved for analysis. That's some leading-edge stuff! Adams also talked about some automation features coming in TeamQuest CMIS. All of this feeds into the underlying theme of scalability, convenience, usability, and automation.

    With TeamQuest and our customers working together as partners as freely and openly as is occurring at this event, the journey ahead should be exciting!

    Category: new-release