December 6, 2011

    I'm attending the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas this week, and I'm hearing a lot about virtualization and cloud. In fact, I've heard analysts joke (I think) that they are required to mention "cloud" at least once in every presentation. Here are some of things I'm hearing analyst say in regards to virtualization:

    "Nearly 50% of all installed x86 server workloads are now running in virtual machines."

    "In 2012, more virtual machines will be deployed than in 2001 through 2009 put together."

    "Virtualization is one of the most critical components being used to increase densities and vertically scale data centers."

    "The more you virtualize, the more physical layer problems you introduce."

    These are the types of comments that have me so excited about TeamQuest's acquisition of Performance Surveyor. If you can't manage capacity successfully in virtual and cloud environments, you run the risk of creating unwanted downtime or just plain waste resources and money that virtualization and cloud computing promise to deliver.

    Performance Surveyor is trusted in environments with more than 40,000 servers, tens of thousands of virtual servers, and hundreds of thousands of network elements. All of this scalability, with the focus solely on providing service-centric virtual and cloud computing management and optimization.

    Listen to a podcast that discusses the impact of Performance Surveyor.

    Read more about Performance Surveyor here.

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