November 19, 2010

    Speaking recently at a Gartner conference, Gartner analyst Milind Govekar said through 2015, less than 25% of enterprises will derive full benefits of virtualization and cloud computing.

    Understanding Resource Requirements

    Why? Because of the lack of understanding and investment in capacity planning.

    He went on to say there is a perception that buying more compute resource capacity will solve performance and availability problems for every capacity-related incident. It doesn't. And many think it's cheaper to overprovision than to mess with planning. It isn't.

    Govekar said through 2015, 75% of organizations will plan compute resource elasticity by overprovisioning compute resources but will continue to face major outages.

    Don't let that be you. It is a journey to go from simply overprovisioning to proactive planning. And yes, there are likely to be some speedbumps along the way. But it's worth it from so many angles. And you have a trusted companion to guide you.

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