April 23, 2012
    2012 is a year of transformation for TeamQuest.

    We are rooted in our core competence – IT Service Optimization. We’ve been doing this since we started – more than 20 years. Easy? Piece of cake? Not hardly. Capacity Management today looks a lot different than it did back when we started and will most certainly look different a decade from now. Competitors come and go – some fold, some get acquired. But we’re still here. After all this time. Milind Govekar from Gartner called us the last unbiased capacity management vendor standing. We're proud of that, but we're not settling for that. We're continuing to grow.

    Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation that has attracted some of the biggest and best companies around the world. That reputation comes from the quality and power of our solutions and the relationships we build with our customers and prospects.

    But, of course, things change. Technology evolves. Which means the problems we’re solving – and the ways we solve them – are changing, too.

    We’ve been growing every year since TeamQuest formed, and our goal is to accelerate that growth in 2012. How do we intend to do that?

    Change. And we’ve already started. We are re-inventing ourselves, transforming our products and services…
    We have integrated a whole new product, TeamQuest Surveyor, a product that is already solving new problems for our customers.
    We have new talent working alongside us and have plans to add more.
    We’re simplifying our product suite, making it simpler for new customers to understand our offerings.
    We’re launching TeamQuest Global Services as a new business unit, bringing our expertise in IT Service Optimization directly to bear on customer Capacity Management problems.

    Those are big changes that are transforming how we address the problems that you face every day. It's exciting. We're looking forward to sharing the details with you here at TTS.