April 23, 2010

    North American TTS 2010

    The guy pictured above was a part of the entertainment at the North American TTS 2010, where this year's theme was "Optimize Your IT Zoo." The San Diego Zoo is famous throughout the world, so in addition to the technical content, there were a number of visitors present who work at the zoo, including the beautiful bird shown here.

    In some cases the technical content of the show was blended together with the zoo-based theme. In fact, one of my favorite presentations at this year's event was a talk by the zoo's Chief Technical Officer, Robert Erhardt. Here are a few tidbits from my notes:

      • Google Street View works inside the San Diego Zoo. Check it out!
      • The zoo attaches tiny fraction-of-a-gram RFID devices with little whisker-like antennas to rare mice in order to track them.
      • Condors have radios that send data via satellites. The trick needed to make the radios practical was to design antennae that did not interfere with the birds' ability to fold their wings.
      • In California, organizations can qualify for big rebates by implementing power-saving virtualization solutions. They measure your power consumption before and after virtualization and your rebate is calculated based on the reduction in power usage.

    I thought Erhardt's talk was both entertaining and informative. It was good fun that I think exemplifies this year's summit. If you didn't make it this year, don't miss next year's event which is sure to be even better. At next year's summit we will celebrate TeamQuest's 20th year of existence!