December 3, 2013

    In our last software release, we announced a simple and automated 0 to 100 KPI, TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI). TPI is pretty cool, but we are kicking it up a couple of serious notches to now proactively update service and performance risk management in your data center.

    Announcing a new era of proactive analytics: TeamQuest Risk Prediction:

      • Provides automated, forward-looking predictive analysis of all your IT service application workloads (as well as servers and virtual servers)
      • Gives you specific and focused advance warning so that you avoid service and performance disaster
      • Tells you where to focus your attention to avoid future problems

    In the last couple of months, I’ve traveled about 18,000 miles and met with customers (and prospective customers) in many countries. All are blown away by the concept of being able to automatically run our predictive modeling engine in near real-time, and the implications on the entire discipline of proactively managing application performance management. It’s quite simply, revolutionary! We can tell you which workloads, services, servers or virtual servers will run out of capacity in the future, precisely when, and which resource will be the problem…. in a fully automated report that is fed by modeling at the granularity of our data collection. Queuing-based analytic modeling is no longer the “batch” activity it has traditionally been.

    We have also revolutionized performance root cause analysis by automatically analyzing performance data via TeamQuest Correlation Discovery. It wades through your collected data to automatically locate those performance parameters that correlate to performance problem behavior.

    Naturally, these new analytics are fully integrated into our highly scalable, exception-based analysis and reporting process.

    Here's the press release of the details of this exciting release.


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