October 21, 2014

    Optimize Your IT for the Future using TeamQuest Predictor and Tivoli Monitoring

    The best way to deal with a business disaster caused by a failure of IT is to avoid it in the first place. And the best way to ensure future business success, is by optimizing IT. You want optimally-configured infrastructure that is ready and able to handle new applications and infrastructure along with tomorrow’s business workloads. You need predictive analytics.

    To make accurate predictive analytics easy, you’ll want TeamQuest Predictor. TeamQuest Predictor is a tool that uses baseline performance measurements to create a mathematical model of queuing. It is much more accurate than less sophisticated techniques, but very fast and, with TeamQuest Predictor, quite simple.

    TeamQuest Predictor can be used to determine what will happen if your IT environment or incoming workload changes. For example, it can tell you what response time to expect if your marketing program is wildly successful or if you consolidate servers. Or it can help you find the least expensive configuration needed to meet service levels.

    How Tivoli Works with TeamQuest

    To create its prediction models TeamQuest Predictor needs baseline measurements. Starting with this release, TeamQuest Predictor can work with TeamQuest Surveyor to obtain baseline measurements from IBM Tivoli Monitoring. This brings fast and easy predictive analytics to organizations with Tivoli, without requiring them to install additional agents for obtaining baseline measurements.

    Future editions of TeamQuest Predictor’s new capability for Tivoli Monitoring will include additional automation for hands-free predictions based on trends detected using Tivoli data.

    Incorporate PowerVM CEC Configuration Data into IT Analytics

    Also new with this release is the ability to collect IBM PowerVM CEC configuration data so that it can be combined with performance data for more comprehensive LPAR analysis and reporting by either TeamQuest Analyzer or TeamQuest Surveyor.

    Diagnose Response Time Problems Rapidly and Easily

    This release also includes reporting enhancements for TeamQuest Surveyor, such as simplified service-to-storage drill-down analysis and new interactive graphical displays.

    And Much More!

    TeamQuest regularly enhances its software, providing multiple updates to various per year. This particular release contains many additional improvements for each of the products in the IT Service Optimization suite:

    • TeamQuest Analyzer
    • TeamQuest CMIS (Capacity Management Information System)
    • TeamQuest Predictor
    • TeamQuest Surveyor

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