December 9, 2009
    Today Mike DenHartog of TeamQuest clued attendees in at CMG 2009 on the nuances of managing the performance of AIX LPARs in a PowerVM virtualized environment. Mike told the audience it's important to know the meaning of key parameters. You need to understand what exactly the data are telling you about performance when using advanced virtualization features available for allocating resources to IBM LPARs. Based on comments from the audience, some tools out there do not report information in a sensible manner, adding to the potential confusion for people striving to understand LPAR performance.

    Mike also provided some capacity planning examples using TeamQuest Model to prepare for workload consolidation and migration in an AIX environment. He showed how TeamQuest Model can be used to answer what-if questions regarding LPAR configuration parameters such as:

    1. Entitled capacity

    2. Capped/uncapped

    3. Variable capacity weight

    4. Number of processors

    5. SMT on or off

    The presentation included some graphs showing just how these parameters can change system performance.

    This presentation included a lot of practical information and examples for folks using LPARs. As I understand it, we will have a white paper and/or video edition of this presentation available in the near future. I'll update this blog entry as soon as I have a URL to share with you.

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