September 26, 2013

    We have been hearing a lot of IT pros talking about a couple of very interesting topics: Unix to Linux migrations and data center consolidation.

    Consolidating data centers is really picking up steam and the cost savings of avoiding having to build and operate a data center facility are huge. In the process of consolidating data centers, it may be the perfect time to consider transitioning existing workloads to an alternative platform. The ability to observe and predict changes to those workloads in different environments is paramount. If you are into mechanics, it sometimes equates to running a diesel Volkswagon engine in a Ford pickup. Each has their advantages, but if you don’t know how those parts interact with each other, you are diving head first into a possible disaster.

    Physical floor space and energy costs are two of the biggest cost areas in a data center. To make the best use of floor space and lower energy costs, you’ll need to identify workloads that are candidates for consolidation and workloads that are candidates for migration. Anyone can point to an area and tell you that these are prime candidates, but how do you go about it? To be successful, predicting the behavior of these workloads is the secret ingredient.

    Unix is a very powerful platform and will always have a place in the data center, but there are some folks trending away from it and going to Linux. This transition can be overwhelming (learn a whole new set of acronyms) at first glance, but once you look into it a little deeper - the path forward becomes clearer.

    TeamQuest can take the risk out of your consolidation and migration initiatives. No need to set up extravagant test environments. No unneeded worry or uncertainty. No guessing. We can provide you the ability to see into the future and dictate the correct infrastructure needed to successfully migrate and consolidate, regardless of your target environment.

    Check out our guide on how to go about your consolidation efforts.

    Are you in the midst of a consolidation or migration project? Let us know, we’d like to hear your perspective on how you are dealing with the challenge.

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