March 31, 2009

    We've identified 5 reasons why you should attend this year's TeamQuest Technology Summit in Savannah, Georgia, April 28 - 29.

    Your Data Center is Sprawling with Virtual Machines

    Managing virtual machines can be a mess. The virtual machines need to meet service levels. You need to be able to handle upgrades and maintenance and you also need to accurately predict application performance running on virtual servers. Attend one of the sessions below for more on managing virtual machines.

      • Planning and Monitoring of Desktop Virtualization on VMware ESX
      • Modeling VMware Systems
      • Enhanced VMware Data Collection

    You're concerned about the health of IT Operations

    Even though Wall Street, the economy and business operations are sick, it doesn't mean the sickness has to spread to IT operations. Processes such as IT Service Optimization (ITSO), initiatives to align IT with business goals, and service level management can help IT operations run efficiently in today's economic environment. Find out how you can keep IT fit.Plan to attend one of these sessions:

      • TeamQuest Model: Your Systems Health Practitioner
      • Diagnostic Calisthenics
      • Stay Out of the IT ER Using Automated Alarming and Preventative Processes

    Cost of attending an event is a deal breaker

    This year, more than ever, companies are tightening their belts. This action is similar to over-provisioning hardware. You still need to learn, network and bring back new ideas to help the company move forward. You still need to do your due diligence to discover if new hardware is needed. TTS sessions are free. The only costs to you are air and hotel. After TTS, we offer training courses are offered at $300 per day!

    Valuable training offered after TTS

    Got a systems management headache? Take two days of training classes for quick relief. Following TTS, April 30 and May 1, you can train with TeamQuest Performance Software — hands on. The offered classes include:

      • Administrator Training
      • Introduction to TeamQuest Model
      • Analyst Training
      • TeamQuest Model Training

    Registration for classes is part of the TTS registration process. Get training information hereTraining courses are a low $300 investment in the health and management of your IT infrastructure.

    Need to increase productivity and cut costs

    TTS sessions can show you how to boost response time and reduce down time by keeping your systems tuned and ready. Learn how to increase efficiency while at the same time dodging costly outages and slowdowns. Know which users or business entities are responsible for using IT resources, by accurately allocating IT resource consumption to the right people or organizations.

    Register for TTS today before it's too late!I hope to see you in Savannah, Georgia.