June 18, 2009
    I recently had an article published on SearchNetworking.com regarding the translation of network usage into costs. This article explains how one of the ITSO (IT Service Optimization) best practices can be extended beyond the server space. 

    The process is the same whether addressing server, network, print or other IT infrastructure service. This ITSO best practice covers identifying the components of an application, IT service or business process; collecting the usage data from the individual components; aggregating the usage into workloads or ITRs (IT Resources); allocating fixed, variable and overhead costs equitably and then reporting the results to senior IT and Business management.

    IT infrastructure usage is communicated in business terms at the end of this process so the organization better understands the value of IT. 

    Experience shows that ITSO best practices can be extended across the organization. All it takes is a good understanding of ITSO and a little creativity. What have you done with ITSO? I would like to hear about it.

    Until the next time...