December 9, 2013
    Carlos Toscano, a TeamQuest Enterprise Performance Specialist, delivered a presentation at the IBM Enterprise2013 conference last month to a standing room only audience - twice. I thought we should share his presentation with everyone.

    Toscano’s presentation outlined three key points for everyone concerned with optimizing their IBM AIX environments:


    1. Automate performance management

    2. Automate detection of capacity constraints based on anticipated growth

    3. Automate correction of overprovisioning (made in some cases)

    4. Automate custom report generation and distribution

    Data Integration:

    1. Integrate multiple performance data sources

    2. Integrate performance metrics and business KPIs

    3. Overlay the environmental data

    Predictive Analysis:

    1. Predict future service performance

    View the presentation on Slideshare.

    How are you addressing the needs of your AIX environment?

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