May 6, 2009

    In a poll of IT professionals at the TeamQuest Technology Summit, 85 percent said they were either reactive or more inclined to be reactive in their IT environment.

    State of IT Readiness

    Maybe it's the nature of the beast. IT is under demand to produce "more with less" and deliver always-on services. Marketing has a great idea and wants to run a campaign. Are we sitting at the table when marketing pitches a resource-taxing promotion on the company's infrastructure? Do we allow ourselves enough time to test? Are we given enough time to plan for the campaign?

    Some say you can't sell prevention. But you can sell success. By proving that IT must be part of the strategic leadership on revenue-generating items, the company should have fewer hiccups, decreased headaches and more opportunities to capture revenue.

    We're all after the same thing - success for the company and happy customers. IT, by being ready (i.e., proactive), can help improve a company's chances by using proper processes to improve revenue-generating and customer-facing opportunities.

    For those of you who have had success at being proactive, how do you do it? What needs to happen to move toward being more proactive? Is it better software, processes, or people? Is it a combination?

    We want to hear from you.


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