December 3, 2014
    We have just announced the results of their Global IT Management survey with indicators on how IT processes are maturing in corporations around the globe. Over four hundred IT professionals from 10 countries participated in the study conducted by Kelton Research.

    Efficiency in IT systems was the top concern. IT optimization and data center performance were seen as critically important to solving a range of issues including capacity management for big data, cloud outages and workplace productivity.

    95% of IT managers said the success of their data centers relied on both proper performance analytics and IT optimization with close to half reporting their data center is “extremely reliant” on these. However, less than one in four managers (22%) describes their IT organization as able to predict the timing and/or consequences of a forecasted scenario; and as able to identify the action steps to remedy it.

    93% of respondents indicate that proper IT optimization and performance analysis would improve IT efficiency. 73% think their organizations overall IT risk would decrease with these in place. Nearly three in four (74%) IT managers who use IT optimization and/or proper performance analysis report that improved IT efficiency has benefited their company. Reduced outages (62%), better productivity (61%) and fewer resources spent on unexpected issues (53%) were among the advantages cited.

    Key Takeaways:

    On average IT managers deal with eight unexpected IT issues per week each requiring seven staff members to resolve.

    1. Amongst the most common IT issues are network slowdowns or outages (42%), poor performing applications (37%), availability issues (37%), equipment failures (36%), and unanticipated change requests (34%)

    Virtual machine management continues to have struggles:

    1. 83% of IT managers said their organization lacks proper virtual machine management

    2. 74% of IT managers believe IT risk would shrink if they had proper virtual management

    3. 90% of IT managers believe that without the proper planning, virtual machine management is risky

    Better capacity planning could prevent Cloud outages:

    1. 63% of IT managers have experienced cloud outages and 65% of those believe it could have been prevented

    2. Nearly half (49%) believe that improper capacity planning was to blame

    Proper IT optimization or performance analysis would improve efficiency across the organization:

    1. 89% of managers say it would improve overall business productivity

    2. 88% said it would improve workforce productivity

    3. 87% said it would improve workforce productivity

    “IT professionals around the globe seem to agree that their data centers are more reliant on IT optimization tools, proper capacity planning and the ability to use analytics. Not only are they proving to have a significant impact throughout the enterprise, delivering on everything from preventing cloud outages to improving overall business productivity, but they are also allowing IT the time they need to focus on improvements rather than incidents, ” said Per Bauer, TeamQuest Director of Global Services.

    The TeamQuest Global IT Management survey was conducted between October 29, 2014, and November 16, 2014, among 419 IT managers or higher in 10 different countries who work in companies with 1,000 + employees.