December 5, 2008

    Thinking of implementing a CMDB? Maybe you should wait.According to Gartner, only 3-5% of organizations have a fully operational CMDB.From what I heard, even the vendors are struggling. No one has a mature, comprehensive offering.I did learn that there were two components of a CMDB, the database and the dependency mapping tool; and that there were a number of vendors in various positions in the marketplace.

    The Gartner presentation team, Ronni Colville and Patricia Adams, emphasized that you need to understand the business problem you are trying to solve before you even think about building a CMDB.You should have people and processes in place and be operational before you think about buying a tool or tools.

    They also stressed that you need to set the correct expectations on implementation as it could take 18 months to two years or more to fully implement. From listening to Ronni and Patricia, it seems to me that CMDB and related tools are in their infancy, that much up-front thought needs to be done and a lot of internal discussions must happen before even thinking about building a CMDB.Considering all that, it might be better to focus on process and delay tool selection until they have matured further.

    At this point most conference attendees are suffering from data overload. I am no exception.It will take me weeks to go back over my notes and think about everything that was said.

    Gartner has out done themselves this year in the quality and applicability of the content. From my perspective, they deserve a standing ovation!

    This is my last post of the conference. Hope you have found my posts interesting. For more details regarding these sessions, contact your Gartner representative.

    Thanks for listening!


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