April 29, 2009
    Jacques Lehoullier, senior architect for product selection at ING Canada (soon to be known as Intact Financial Corporation) gave a breakout session on how to expand AIX capacity from a fixed physical base. He laid out the fact that rapid growth led to increased hardware costs, higher logistical costs and delays due to floor space, electrical and cooling issues. The data center had literally ran out of space.

    The company investigated virtualization as a solution, but worried about the risks due to having many applications running on one physical server. It upgraded from two IBM P595 servers of 64 CPUs each to four P590+ with 16 CPUs each in a virtual environment consisting of four CPU pools.

    IT at the company consulted with Gartner Group which recommended TeamQuest. This helped the company simplify reporting -- from�as much as a month to gather the performance and capacity data down to seconds -- and enabled the company to decommission several old servers despite adding 100 more logical partitions.