August 11, 2008

    It seems like you can't watch a TV program, open up a newspaper or crack the cover of a magazine without finding information on how to survive the recession.

    The main theme I've noticed is to cut back on what people often think of as must have items. It does make you think. I have to ask myself how often will I use the latest tool that I had to purchase or maybe it's the new book someone told me about that I am considering buying. It all adds up.

    I'd like to know how many businesses act the same way with their IT infrastructure. With the recent economy, I'm guessing a lot of new purchases are not happening. For me, I know it isn't happening in my home.

    This leads me to ask what are you doing as an IT professional, systems administrator or data center manager, to get more bang for your buck? How are you coping with having to do more with less?

    And now after writing this, I guess you can say that even bloggers are providing information and asking for survival tips. Feel free to share your insight with us via the TeamQuest Blog.