December 9, 2009

    This morning at CMG in Grapevine, Texas, TeamQuest's Rey Rios gave an excellent talk about TeamQuest IT Service Optimization (ITSO) and how it relates to the broader, more encompassing ITIL framework.

    ITSO is really a focused subset of ITIL, making it easier to get quick wins than if you dive headlong into a full ITIL implementation. It is analogous to the way that TeamQuest is able to excel at providing performance tools. We take careful aim on issues that affect the efficiency of IT services, and try not to be distracted by other aspects of systems management. Integration points in TeamQuest software allow customers to use TeamQuest's specialized tools with whatever service desk or CMDB solution they choose, for example.

    ITSO provides a formula for implementing effective ITIL Capacity Management, and TeamQuest tools can aid in that process. This will enable you to balance cost with performance, using business priorities to provide the proper perspective.