December 7, 2010

    Well, I finally heard the word that I've known to be true in pretty much every emerging data center technology that has come about in the past 20 years of TeamQuest's existence. "Sprawl." But now it's turned from "virtual sprawl" to "cloud sprawl." In sitting in one of the key notes yesterday, I heard Gartner's Ray Paquet enunciate the words that make my skin crawl. Sprawl!

    Nest of newly hatched spiders

    The only cure for technology sprawl are the fundamentals of our IT Service Optimization (or ITSO, hence the name of this blog) process. A combination of capacity management people, process, and tools is the cure. With the advent of recent technology like virtualization and cloud computing, people thought capacity would not be a problem. But, the fact remains that data center space along with power and cooling is still one of the top priorities of CIOs across the globe. Yet people thought capacity management was dead, right? Wrong.

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