October 10, 2012
    If you're at this level, you probably...

    1. Measure and report on IT in business terms;

    2. Have a set of tools and processes enabling you to align IT with the business; and

    3. Are one of the very few organizations that have reached this level of maturity.

    This is the final endpoint of Capacity Management maturity. At this point, there are
    no additional technical steps to take. Rather it is a matter of taking advantage of
    the earlier work to fully integrate IT into the business. Everything is looked at from a
    business point of view, rather than a technical standpoint. The focus is on actions that
    will benefit the company as a whole.

    At this level, the organization realizes the full value, not just of implementing Capacity
    Management, but of IT as a whole. Since IT's actions are fully and seamlessly aligned
    with those of the business, they are directed toward helping the business achieve its

    IT and business performance are tied together. In addition to IT services, business
    processes are measured and audited for efficiency and effectiveness. It is possible
    for IT and business units to accurately determine the cost of IT services and weigh
    those costs against business benefits and risks in order to make the best decisions
    regarding the use of IT.

    A central process in organizations on this level is Continual Service Improvement. Even
    though the highest level of maturity has been reached, there is a continuous need to
    realign IT processes to the changing business needs.

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