August 2, 2012

    If you're at this level you probably...

    • Have no centralized service desk;
    • Don't predict any kind of incidents (they all come as surprises); and
    • React to events in an ad hoc manner.

    The most primitive level "Chaotic" is characterized by an overall lack of operations management discipline. Rather than trying to operate a step ahead and acting before users are affected, the IT organization only learns of performance problems when users call in to complain. At the time of such events, performance tools and techniques are assembled ad hoc. Typically, the people involved in the troubleshooting only have access to snapshots of the most recent activities and lack information about the period that led up to the incident.

    To make matters worse, the organization often lacks a centralized service desk for reporting of incidents and end users don't necessarily know where to turn. Without a service desk, there'ss no focal point for coordinating the problem-solving process with various technical teams.

    Companies operating at this level of maturity do not have a clearly organized approach to solving performance- and capacity-related problems. They do not have any standard or uniformity as to what toolsets and processes to use; it's all run on a "best effort" basis. If they get something right, it is more by luck than by analysis.

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