March 26, 2014

    We are happy to announce significant extensions to our TeamQuest Risk Prediction solution — adding more automation for proactively and predictively optimizing business services, IT performance, and cost.

    We just made IT Optimization even easier

    Designed to enable organizations to predict and prevent current and future IT performance issues and automatically diagnose the root cause of performance issues across the IT infrastructure, TeamQuest Risk Prediction now automatically understands the business service demand lifecycle, determining the appropriate baselines for its automated predictive modeling.

    Before TeamQuest Risk Prediction, IT organizations needed a difficult-to-gather and too-detailed-to-scale understanding of not only IT resource performance, but also cross-functional service capacity requirements in order to make confident decisions about future performance. TeamQuest Risk Prediction, with its new levels of automation and embedded intelligence, now fully automates the highly specialized performance and capacity analysis and modeling that previously required teams of cross-discipline experts.

    By automatically understanding the business service demand relationship to the IT resources needed for successfully delivering acceptable service — at acceptable costs — TeamQuest Risk Prediction eliminates costly and risky guess work and manual efforts. Comprehensive policy-based administration ensures the ability of any IT organization to rapidly deploy, configure, and realize all the benefits of truly proactive and predictive performance analysis and modeling, with any level of staff expertise or organizational process maturity.

    Our latest software release also has:

    • Simplified capacity modeling of AIX LPARs with shared resources
    • Analysis of CPU processing capacity and waste
    • Performance and capacity analysis of VMware datastore clusters
    • Several new out-of-the-box reports showing predicted and measured performance and capacity

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