December 8, 2009

    TeamQuest Enterprise Performance Specialist Rey Rios gave an energized and insightful presentation called "Complement Your ITSO & ITIL Processes with TeamQuest Solutions."

    He used a nice analogy to explain SLAs — ordering food in a restaurant. What are your expectations when you go into a restaurant? You expect to be seated, you expect to look at and order from a menu, and you expect your food in a timely manner. If it's going to take longer than expected — Paella in this gastronomical example — the customer should know.

    Rios left the dinner table to walk the audience through ITIL versions 2 and 3 and compared them to the five-step process created by TeamQuest several years ago called IT Service Optimization.

    The pro-ITIL EPS suggested companies interested in ITIL must ask the following questions before jumping into ITIL:

    • What is the goal of the business?
    • What services do we offer?
    • What are our customers' expectations?

    Making the Move Toward Maturity
    He referenced the Gartner Maturity Model discussing how companies can move from the chaotic to value stage with the help of TeamQuest software. He said that one in three companies is in the reactive or chaotic stage of maturation — fighting fires at best.

    Rio suggests that IT can use TeamQuest software to help ITSO & ITIL endeavors by:

    • Ensuring optimal use of IT
    • Improving availability and reliability of critical systems
    • Providing cost analysis decisions
    • Supporting the delivery of business plans
    • Decreasing time to incident resolution and quicker root cause analysis
    • Providing accurate measurement for decision making

    Read a customer's account of how Rey helped a company realize business benefits through ITSO. The customer, Law School Admission Council, streamlined its infrastructure to completely fulfill its service demands and is applying capacity planning to support a massive roll-out of new applications to hundreds of law schools throughout North America.

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