The TeamQuest January 2017 Release Is Here

    January 10, 2017

    The latest update to TeamQuest’s Vityl Suite is here to bring you better insight into IT performance and capacity, including service-level efficiency, custom performance dashboards, and Java compatibility.

    TeamQuest created the Vityl Suite to help IT professionals manage every aspect of their daily operations — from meeting SLAs, to efficiently allocating resources, to communicating with business leadership. But we also realized that part of what makes IT today so challenging is the need to adapt to constant and rapid change. Like so many others in the IT space, meeting the evolving needs of our clients as they change over time is our top priority.

    That’s why we’re releasing brand new updates to our Vityl software suite, responding to the demands of an increasingly complex IT world with powerful new resources for performance analysts, service managers, IT executives, and more. Take a look at what’s new from the January 2017 Release:

    Service-Level Efficiency Scores

    One of our biggest goals in creating Vityl Adviser was to help achieve the delicate balance between unnecessary risk and unnecessary spending. We’ve improved that capability by calculating efficiency scores for each service and system that indicate what resources are in danger of being overutilized (potentially causing an outage or drop in response time) or underutilized (indicating that poor allocation may be resulting in wasted spend).

    The introduction of the service-level efficiency feature makes it much easier for IT professionals to deliver consistent service while making efficient use of the department’s limited resources. Performance analysts can now rest assured that their systems won’t be put at risk by service outages or high costs.

    Custom Performance Charts

    The Performance Charts of Adviser can now be tailored to fit the unique needs of any team, group, or scenario. Rather than having everyone dig through the same set charts to identify concerns uniquely important to them, groups like application teams, system administrators, service owners, and management can create customized views that meet their own reporting needs. Combine multiple metrics into single charts for need-to-know-now insights that can be quickly and easily assessed without piecing together information from multiple charts.

    Performance analysts now also have the advantage of enhanced virtual environment dashboards with per VM granularity, allowing them to get precise insights, including virtual machine CPU consumed, CPU busy, and IO disk consumed, into the performance of virtual environments.

    How to Download the Release

    If you’re a current Vityl user looking to install the new release, visit the customer area of our support website to access release notes and instructions for installation. If your organization doesn’t use Vityl yet, check out our product page to find out why it’s the most robust IT performance optimization software on the market.

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