Service Managers Can Stay One Step Ahead of Demand with Vityl Adviser

    January 17, 2017

    By Scott Adams

    It’s essential for service managers to maintain SLAs and keep systems up and running without wasting budget or resources. That’s why they use Vityl Adviser to monitor each and every part of their complex network.

    As enterprise IT infrastructures become increasingly complex, service managers still need to ensure SLAs are being met. If too few IT resources are deployed, the system will face a potential outage — if too many are deployed, precious IT budget will be wasted.

    Now more than ever, IT professionals need the right tools to plan for future IT demand and quickly identify the causes of current issues if and when they occur. If service managers are unable to anticipate how many resources are needed to meet demands and where they should be allocated, catastrophic outages remain a very real possibility.

    Proactive Solutions

    TeamQuest’s Vityl Adviser allows service managers to closely monitor their entire environment — including physical servers, virtual servers, cloud instances, and storage systems — for an at-a-glance view into the current health and potential risks posed to their services.

    Vityl Adviser analyzes and interprets thousands of data points and is able to reduce them to a single, intuitive indicator of system health. If a service has a red indicator next to it, that signals a potential problem in need of investigation — it’s simple, intuitive, and a real lifesaver in unexpected crisis situations.

    Every service manager wants to know what the future has in store, and with Vityl Adviser, IT clairvoyance is more than just science fiction: Adviser uses predictive analytics to project potential resource allocation problems up to 180 days into the future. Developed through decades of experience and fine-tuning, the capacity planning tool can predict capacity within plus or minus 5%. If a system is at risk, Adviser not only informs you of the problem, but also details how many days are left before the system fails.

    From there, you can pass the details along to a performance analyst who can see system-level details for each service and deploy the resources needed to take care of it. With a clearer picture of what the future holds for your system, you’ll be able to make proactive decisions and avoid costly downtime.

    IT Freedom

    Perhaps the most important benefit of Vityl is that it frees up your IT team to innovate. Every week, the typical IT professional can spend hundreds of hours putting out fires that pop up throughout her enterprise’s infrastructure. Adviser optimizes your systems and can save IT teams hundreds of hours in analysis, not to mention millions of dollars that might have been lost as a result of service outages or over-provisioning. This frees up your team to do what they do best: making improvements to your system and applications.

    IT demands grow with each passing day, but unfortunately, IT budgets often fail to keep up. With the help of Vityl Adviser, service managers gain the ability to anticipate when problems may occur and deploy the right resources to guarantee their networks are running smoothly, 24/7. 

    (Image Credit: Mark/Flickr)