Pokemon Slow: How the Game’s Server Issues Could’ve Been Avoided

    The release of Pokémon GO has been plagued by server outages across the globe. What could have Nintendo and Niantic done differently?

    How Bimodal IT Is a Key Step In Elevating IT Maturity

    In today’s variegated IT environments, IT managers must create new ways of achieving business goals without losing focus on day-to-day activities. They need to simultaneously monitor and innovate — the bimodal IT framework provides a means to do precisely this.

    Why Performance Monitoring Is Harder in the Cloud

    Transitioning to the cloud involves more than migrating systems — companies have to reevaluate their means for measuring success.

    How to Utilize IT Resources with Vityl Monitor

    IT professionals must be able to group linked IT resources — servers, virtual machines, and applications — and report on them as a single unit. Vityl Monitor makes it simple for IT professionals to do and easy for executives to understand.

    Cost Optimization Part 1: Why IT Leaders are Losing Control of IT Budgets and What They Can Do About It

    In part one of our series on IT cost optimization, we explain how the accelerating shift to DevOps is causing decision-makers to take more control of IT budgets, and how IT organizations can make a strong case for the software that they need.

    Don't Be Caught Off Guard by Overprovisioning

    While the cloud can respond elastically to your needs, you have to understand those needs with crystalline clarity in order to determine whether you’re actually saving on IT costs.
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