The IT Goal that Every Healthcare Organization Should Be Working Towards

    Practically every hospital and medical practice in the country has made EHRs a priority, but it shouldn’t be the only one on their list. To support a diversity of options, providers need to iron out the performance of core IT systems first.

    Could Big Data Improve Population Health Outcomes? Not Without Interoperability, Experts Say

    Big data promises to transform how healthcare is delivered and evaluated. Before that can happen, however, administrators must ensure that their entire infrastructure is capable of collecting data that can be consolidated and analyzed in a meaningful, valuable way.

    Everything You Need to Know Before Migrating Your Apps to the Cloud

    The cloud can make for unsurpassable efficiency, but it also introduces overprovisioning risks that need to be addressed and managed.

    You Don't Need Developers to Build a Tailored Dashboard for Your Business

    It takes true mastery to create an effective dashboard from scratch. Fortunately, with the platforms and services available today, you don’t have to.

    Google Urges IT to Abandon Data Capacity Planning

    Will the Internet of Things make capacity planning moot? Or will the discipline become even more critical to IT operations?

    The Death of DevOps: Credible, or Clickbait?

    The advent of the cloud hasn’t made DevOps obsolete — on the contrary, it’s allowed IT professionals to close the development.

    Don’t Miss TeamQuest’s Upcoming Product Demo Webinar Series

    Save your seat! We invite you to join our discussion of how TeamQuest products can help IT professionals to control costs, avoid risk, and demonstrate the value of IT to the business. Stay for the live Q&A that follows each event.

    Finance Firms Say New Tech Is Their Biggest Threat

    Digital payments and peer-to-peer lending technologies threaten to destabilize major financial players. To compete with rising tech firms, finance firms will have to learn to be flexible and agile.

    TechTarget: The Cloud Doesn't Guarantee Low Costs

    The 2016 report on app-cloud migration concludes that monitoring and capacity management are the keys to bringing down costs.

    Could Telcos Soon Disrupt the Cloud Space?

    In an interesting twist, the disruptors who originally brought us cloud computing may soon themselves be disrupted by enterprise telco providers. The opportunity is there — do telcos have the tools needed to capitalize?
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