TeamQuest to Make Special Announcement at Pink Elephant 2016 IT Event

    January 23, 2016

    By Jeff Schultz

    At this year’s Pink Elephant IT Service Management Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 14-17, TeamQuest will join industry veterans in discussing how IT can demonstrate its value to business along with announcing some exciting news.

    For all the rapid advancement of IT systems, many C-suites still struggle to answer a lingering, vital question: “What value does IT provide the business?” At this year’s Pink Elephant 2016 IT event, TeamQuest hopes to provide an answer.

    Join us as we introduce a new approach to performance monitoring and capacity management and attempt to address this most pressing question. Made possible with our best-in-class data collection, sophisticated algorithms, and recent acquisition of Pureshare, TeamQuest’s new tools will help businesses increase agility, lower risk, control costs, and communicate IT value.

    In essence, TeamQuest will help leadership and IT meet on the same page, so that decisions can be made based on data that’s understood by all parties.

    Come join us on Feb. 15th for a keynote presentation (the schedule can be found here on Pink Elephant) over lunch delivered by TeamQuest’s Scott Adams and Dino Balafas and Law School Admission Council Director of Technical Services Jerry Goldman at 11:40am in Monet 4

    Of course, we’ll be presenting alongside dozens of other IT industry standouts, many of whom will offer important insights on the state of IT and the persistent challenges faced by industry professionals. On the theme of business value discussions, we believe these three presentations will provide invaluable, can’t miss information that you’ll want to implement as soon as you leave the venue.

    Three Must-See Presentations

    1. George Spalding: The Top Myths of DevOps

    Spalding is one of our favorite speakers at this conference, and we think this DevOps presentation will prove to be a unicorn-buster. It’s a tough subject to get your arms around still in its buzzword-hype stage and we believe Spalding will be the right person to lend some clarity and bring us back down to earth.

    Questions we hope to have answered: how does he define DevOps, and how can we, the vanguard of IT, take advantage of its ideals to address the frenetic bustle of services, technology, business, and customers?

    2. Tammy Whited: Driving IT Value — Working on the Right Priorities

    This presentation is in the Strategic Management track — we love getting a user’s perspective at conferences and it seems like an obvious choice for almost all attendees, especially because IT is so focused on delivering value to the business.

    We’re particularly interested in how her team at Fermilab was able to align their processes with business outcomes. As she says in her summary, that process involved providing the IT tools for Big Data, High Performance Computing, Modeling, and Engineering, then communicating that information in a way that makes sense in a business context. Hats off to her for this success it’s hard to find examples of companies doing this effectively.

    3. Rob England: The 3 R’s

    We like what Rob is doing with this presentation in the IT Leadership track. He’s focusing on the most important piece of IT system success people and examining the roles, responsibilities, and relationships that are needed to make this three-piece equation work.

    We believe that IT initiatives are doomed to fail if they can’t figure out the people variable, which makes this a must-attend presentation. This also brings attendees into a business value discussion by answering the question, “How can I build and maintain strong relationships within IT, as well as with internal and external business partners?”

    See You There, or See Us Online

    We encourage you to join as several of TeamQuest’s thought leaders offer insights on the role of communication between IT and business and announce how our new tools will evaporate that distinction.

    If you can’t be in Las Vegas, be sure to follow online as we take the first steps into the next generation of capacity planning and performance monitoring.

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