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    TeamQuest to Discuss Cloud Management at Gartner Summit and Conference

    November 12, 2015

    By Wyndham Sellers

    From November 30 through December 10, TeamQuest will be discussing cloud management at the Gartner Data Center events in London and Las Vegas.

    At the end of this month, the lauded IT advisory firm Gartner will host two of its largest industry events of the year: the Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit and Conference, held in London and Las Vegas, respectively. Over these 11 days, eminent Gartner analysts and industry veterans will gather to share their thoughts on the cloud, data center modernization, capacity planning, IT operations, the digital workplace, and more.

    TeamQuest professionals will join speakers from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle to explore cutting-edge testimonies on the IT landscape and make predictions for the coming decades.


    Atmospheric Solutions

    TeamQuest’s booth team will discuss cloud management and cover the following topics:

    • How to remain agile while supporting mission-critical services. 
    • How to secure and manage cloud services across internal, external, and hybrid environments. 
    • Separating hype from reality in “software-defined” concepts. 
    • How to maintain the relevancy of IT.

    The cloud has achieved near-ubiquitous adoption, enabling pooled network access to software, platform, and infrastructure resources. But just because it has been adopted widely doesn’t mean it’s been adopted successfully. Cloud-based solutions can often be as expensive as in-house infrastructure due to risks like lack of control, security, performance and availability, and runaway capacity usage.

    At the end of the day, the solution is proper planning and implementation. Without sound strategic direction, companies can find themselves undercut by service interruptions, lost transactions, reduced revenues, unsatisfied customers (and SLAs), and damage to their brand’s reputation.

    Finding Balance

    In simple terms, companies need to answer basic questions like “How much will it cost?” “What is the minimum capacity required to operate?” and “What quality of service is required?” In practice, the answers can quickly grow complex, yet there are a number helpful guideposts for every company to follow.

    One common (and costly) problem is the purchase of too much capacity. Businesses must ensure that they “right size” their cloud by using analytic models to predict what “footprint” the sum of their applications will make when switched cloud-side. Here, capacity planning tools are essential.

    Similarly, businesses must hold cloud providers to a particularly high standard, which includes performing due diligence to collect proof that cloud resources will match or exceed your own requirements. Lines of questioning such as “Will retail spikes hinder our services?” and “How will these applications perform under varying operating scenarios?” are especially pertinent.

    This must also include an aspect of enforcement  SLA negotiations and compliance monitoring ensure that service is provided as-stated and to the lowest dollar amount, regardless of a provider’s intentions. It never hurts to double-check the data on your side, which can be the difference between success and failure on marginal budgets.

    At its best, the cloud offers unparalleled flexibility and agility, scalability, and cost economics. TeamQuest is proud to discuss our collective knowledge at the Gartner Data Center Summit, and we hope to empower other businesses to pursue cost-effective cloud strategies.

    (Main image credit: Eddie 11usima/flickr)