TeamQuest to Discuss How Digital Businesses Are Changing Their Approach to I&O at Gartner Summit and Conference

    November 16, 2015

    By John Miecielica

    In anticipation of TeamQuest’s presentations at the Gartner Data Center Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit, let’s take a look at several digital trends and their impact on IT infrastructure and operations.

    It’s a no-brainer: the top priority of practically every CEO should be business growth. But as today’s companies are discovering, that growth is more closely tied to IT service than ever before, which means that the health of your company’s IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) is paramount.

    TeamQuest will address this very issue at the Gartner Summit and Conference in Las Vegas and London, November 30 to December 10, discussing the evolving role of I&O in the age of digital business.


    How Trends Are Affecting I&O

    What role does I&O have in digital innovation, and how can it address the CEO’s agenda for growth? By examining the trends that impact today’s infrastructure, we can tackle the top inhibitors of IT innovation in order to free up time, evolve the IT organization, and spur a cultural transformation within the business.

    Nowadays, people own two cell phones, a tablet, and a laptop. To reach today’s consumers wherever they are, enterprises must focus on hyper-connectivity and be able to integrate and sync five or six apps at once. Improving efficiency by consolidating systems is the only way to achieve this in a manner that isn’t slow or resource-intensive. Fabric environments can provide easier workload scalability, and a single management platform can support multiple vendor products.

    New theories in business and project management are also complicating the field of IT. Avoid any sort of “velocity mismatch” between agile methodologies and best-practices frameworks by accommodating both paradigms. More and more companies are adopting a “bimodal” approach to IT, with one side of the department working on new, innovative ideas and the other focusing on day-to-day operations.

    But with the right tools, those everyday maintenance and troubleshooting activities could be automated, freeing up the entire IT staff to work on exciting projects that contribute to overall business growth. The most important of these tools should be automated predictive analytics.

    TeamQuest Is Here To Help


    TeamQuest knows precisely how tremendous an impact IT has on business growth and agility. That is why we are absolutely committed to helping companies free up IT resources, quickly respond to changes, and reduce the risk of time-wasting performance disruptions.

    Just take a look at our various ITSO Solutions that can address your specific needs. Have a multi-vendor environment? With TeamQuest, you can analyze operating systems, hypervisors, databases, networks, storage systems, and more in any multi-vendor environment.

    Our TeamQuest Predictor can optimize IT through capacity planning, which predicts optimal IT configurations for the future, and AutoPredict, the automated predictive analytics tool that can continuously predict future application health.

    Why wait any longer? Book a meeting with TeamQuest to discover how you can align IT priorities with business outcomes. In this constantly evolving age of digital business, it’s vital for your I&O to play a major role in industry-wide innovation.

    (Main image credit: Pixabay)