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    Have You Hugged Your Tech Op Today?

    October 7, 2015

    By Scott Adams

    During mid-September, the internet essentially “broke” when Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a large-scale outage that took down many of the most popular websites and apps. As usual, many users took to social media to voice their discontent until their services were restored.

    Except for the time we spend frustrated after lost Tinder matches and interrupted “Netflix and chill” sessions, we don’t often think about what goes on behind the scenes of “the internet.” What keeps our apps up and running? Who comes to the rescue when an outage occurs?

    As a Redditor pointed out when news of the outage was first breaking, Tech Ops “never gets recognition,” and it takes a system-wide shutdown for the average internet user to learn that these teams of IT professionals even exist, let alone appreciate them.

    But in a heartwarming turn, once all the different Tech Ops teams got major sites back online, people took to Twitter to give props to Tech Ops. And quite rightly, too: at TeamQuest, we know all about the heroism that it takes to restore services in the midst of all the chaos.

    Each of us should take a moment to say “thanks” to all those in Tech Ops for their hard work  they’re the action heroes of our digital age, restoring world order to our laptops and smartphones! Which leaves us with the question: have you hugged your TechOps team today?

    Wait, What, A Meteor?

    Many saw the outage as a tech-apocalypse. Tweets ranged from “a huge [meteor] has crashed and destroyed the entire US east coast, god speed” (@westmaaan) to sarcastic tweets claiming that Amazon had released “internal ops footage” from the outage (@SoberBuildEng)

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    Loved And Lost

    Some users even claimed that the outage caused them “true heartbreak,” reporting that they “had to uninstall Tinder and lost all...matches” (@ambisextrous).

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    Keep Calm and Internet On

    Though the outage was widespread, it luckily only lasted a few hours, thanks to the hard work and heroic efficiency of Tech Ops. These noble men and women are to thank for restoring our ability to swipe right and binge watch our favorite shows  as if there was any doubt, the hashtag #hugops saw a noticeable spike in usage once regular internet service was restored.

    Tweets soon began surfacing with remarks such as #hugops to all #opsfighters due to #awsoutage.” (@jacksoncage)

    And “#hugops to everyone on call at aws” (@rhomi)

    While the AWS Outage on Sunday was baffling, it would have been much worse if not for the quick, efficient work of the Tech Ops heroes out there. So go out and give your Tech Ops team a big hug today!

    Or chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates.

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