Announcing TeamQuest's New AutoPredict Data Management Software

    September 14, 2015

    By Jeff Schultz

    TeamQuest is excited to announce the debut of new software that simplifies data management for your business.

    Data management regulates the information that’s created over the course of a project, and it’s crucial to the entire scope of a company’s operations. As work forges ahead, data management builds a stable foundation for ongoing work.

    The more complex a project, the more disparate parts there are that need to be woven together, rendering their management even more integral to your company’s success.

    Thorough data management helps your team stay organized and guarantees higher quality work. But as you might expect, managing the resources these complicated parts need to work together can get tricky  that’s why TeamQuest is releasing its new AutoPredict software to streamline and simplify the data management process.

    Management Mishaps

    Many companies offer data management services, but their work may not be completely foolproof -- this is a field in which there’s always the potential for missteps. Data can be recorded improperly, for instance, rendering it useless.

    And if data is being managed by multiple entities, it may not end up being very easy to compile it all into comprehensive reports. A trustworthy bank of data ought to be stored in one secure place.

    But then again, mishandled storage represents another potential pitfall. Negligent management of stored data leads to unusable, stolen, or even totally destroyed information. Moreover, a competent data manager ensures that his or her company’s data aligns with retention requirements.

    From collection to retention, the entire management process must be carried out efficiently, but with exceptional care. Given the minefield of mistakes you could make, every business is on the lookout for the optimal data management service.

    Put Your Trust in TeamQuest

    For any company looking to expedite and improve its data collection service, TeamQuest’s brand new AutoPredict software offers just that. As data ages, it can be summarized in increasingly broad terms —while you might need recent data to be more detailed so you can use it to predict future trends, those details can be eliminated once they’ve been used for analysis.

    The process allows you to decipher long-term trends while discarding what you’d need to identify the root cause of problems you solved months ago.

    If your company has already invested in a data collection technology, then ripping out and replacing that system can be too costly to even consider. TeamQuest understands that predicament and offers the ability to improve without overhauling.

    The brand-new software can even add to data collected by our competitors  it models technology against the competitor’s data, which produces sharper analysis and more accurate predictions.

    So if your company wants to pare down the data and uncover key insights, contact TeamQuest today for your own free demo.

    (Main image credit: Jer Thorp/flickr)

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