TeamQuest to Exhibit at Gartner Symposium, Oct 4-8

    September 30, 2015

    By Dino Balafas

    The annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is where IT’s sharpest minds come to share their ideas and insights, and this year, TeamQuest will be exhibiting. Learn what TeamQuest has planned for this incredible industry event.

    Each year, the best and brightest of the IT world gather at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, an event specifically designed for CIOs and Senior IT executives. The event will feature prominent keynote speakers like Jeffrey Immelt (CEO, General Electric), Ginni Rometty (President and CEO, IBM), and pioneering life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

    Innovators in IT strategy will deliver exhibitions on how to improve mission-critical priorities for the banking, retail, technology & telecom, and high-tech/cloud service industries.

    TeamQuest has gained increasing recognition as a digital thought leader, and has been cited by Gartner for their pioneering work in IT maturity and predictive analytics. This year, they have been asked to exhibit their most recent strategies to this select crowd of IT torchbearers.

    Data Driving Action

    The primary thrust of TeamQuest’s messaging will surround the digitization of nearly everything in the work environment, and how this phenomenon allows for the seamless integration of devices and the delivery of progressively richer insights. Pulling from a wide range of internal white papers and published content, TeamQuest will highlight five general categories of interest:

    1. Plan Service Delivery Around Mobile Customers/Digital Devices  As more devices join the Internet of Things, companies will start facing serious demand to integrate mobile devices in a harmonious fashion. This is important for end product users, but it’s also critical for the teams that support these products.

    2. Provide Actionable Intelligence From Your Performance Metrics  Here, the burden of discovering underlying system failures and inefficiencies is shifted to performance analytics. Your data should be able to tell you what’s wrong, where, why, and the steps needed to resolve the issue. Moreover, your metrics should indicate the best possible avenues for future action.

    3. Ensure IT Performance Meets Business and Consumer Demands  Any type of IT service must be tied to an SLA (Service Level Agreement), which is then directly linked to business value. If an IT service does not directly align with business goals, that program is of little use.

    4. Make Confident, Informed Decisions  IT should bolster the decision-making process with actionable intelligence and historical track records.

    5. Increase IT Efficiency With a Step-by-Step Approach to Optimize IT Infrastructure  IT is never truly a one-stop shop  it’s a perpetual development that involves constantly optimizing your processes, procedures, knowledge, skills, and tool sets. Becoming IT-mature is a long journey, but one that provides sizeable dividends.

    Solidifying a Track Record

    TeamQuest is honored to be included as an exhibitioner at this remarkable event, a reflection of our longtime commitment to delivering measurably effective IT results. We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to IT optimization is the challenge of communicating the true value of IT infrastructure, causing most companies to (unknowingly) pursue reactionary IT strategies.

    The Gartner Symposium is an opportunity to highlight the ways in which IT can inform and enhance business goals to provide tangible value  and we approach the occasion with pride.

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