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    3 Verticals Leading the Way in IT Maturity

    September 16, 2015

    By John Miecielica

    Seizing the opportunities provided by a growing digital market, these three industries are utilizing sophisticated IT structures to maximize their reach and efficiency.

    It’s no secret that the current explosion of digital technology comes with risks and challenges. While the internet has made it possible for companies of all types to reach more customers, handling all that new demand and usage takes effective IT optimization.

    While many industries are still struggling to catch up with what the current economy demands, three verticals in particular  finance, telecommunications, and healthcare  are leading the way. Let’s take a closer look at each one, and what we stand to learn from the example they’ve set.

    The Financial Market

    Like many sectors, finance’s focus on optimal IT operations has been helped along by intense pressure from government regulators. According to the FFIEC Audit Booklet, financial services firms are required to cover IT risk exposures in “the areas of IT management and strategic planning, data center operations, client/server architecture, local and wide-area networks, telecommunications, physical and information security, electronic banking, systems development, and business continuity planning.”

    The scope of that list alone makes it easy to see why banks and other financial institutions have put such a heavy emphasis on IT optimization. Agencies like the FFIEC or Payment Card Industry (PCI) frequently conduct compliance audits that target capacity planning and performance management processes, and finance companies have been forced to rapidly mature their practices as a result.

    In the end, there are few things more effective at ensuring the quick adoption of best IT practices than the dread of a big fine always looming over your head.


    Much like with finance, strict regulations and the pressure of rising costs have forced the telecommunications sector to adapt and mature quickly. Improved capacity management has led this industry down the path to IT service optimization, cutting operational costs and helping businesses keep up with exploding customer demand.

    In an article on, Oliver Neuberger, Associate Partner at Glue Reply, emphasized how important it’s been for industry leaders to develop a responsive and adaptable IT infrastructure.

    As is the case in many industries, major telecommunications enterprises are suddenly finding themselves challenged by disruptive, agile start-ups. While all companies in this sector are delivering their services digitally, these industry leaders have established themselves by using agile capacity planning methods to deliver more services to more people while staving off new competition.

    The Healthcare Sector

    According to a report from Capgemini, the healthcare sector has struggled in particular with the rising costs associated with the treatment of chronic illness. Changes to the U.S. healthcare system have forced providers to adjust their bottom lines and seek out new, more cost-effective ways to get patients the care they need.

    Digital technologies have helped ease the burden, allowing doctors to consult and even treat patients remotely through TeleHealth platforms.

    These new tools have drastically reduced the downtime medical professionals experience while extending the reach of healthcare organizations across the globe. But these technologies’ operational capabilities are largely dependent on an IT infrastructure’s ability to handle the demand, and the industry has successfully adapted in accordance.

    How TeamQuest Can Help You Join the Elite

    These three industries have demonstrated how a mature and forward-thinking IT infrastructure can allow your company to thrive, even in the face of obstacles and regulatory roadblocks. And while each has demonstrated an impressive level of IT maturity, there’s always room for improvement.

    TeamQuest’s IT Service Optimization Maturity Assessment can help you determine how close you are to reaching full IT maturity, and our ITSO solutions will help guide you down the path to service optimization maturity.

    (Main image credit: Rafael Matsunaga/flickr)