Product Release: Prediction with HP and Tivoli Data

    September 9, 2015

    By Dino Balafas

    With AutoPredict, your IT team gets a heads up before problems arise, ensuring that disaster never strikes  and now, this software is compatible with HP and Tivoli.

    Your IT team is already working tirelessly to help the company overcome technological hurdles — the last thing it needs is an unanticipated roadblock. But imagine if your IT department could know about bottlenecks and other impending service disruptions long before they occurred.

    They’d be able to prepare for these challenges, maintain morale and composure, and avoid squandering resources. The fear of catastrophe would be virtually eliminated.

    TeamQuest has made this ideal into a very accessible reality with its new AutoPredict technology, which uses automated predictive analytics to help your IT team avoid unwanted surprises. But what’s even more groundbreaking is TeamQuest’s newly upgraded analytics for use with HP and Tivoli data collectors.

    Smart Expansion

    While other companies use simple approximations, TeamQuest uses highly advanced prediction techniques to supply the most accurate data possible, along with smart solutions for predicted problems that will benefit your entire IT infrastructure.

    This release will expand the reach of AutoPredict to data collection sources beyond TeamQuest, so that companies who have already committed to other systems can still make use of this technology. Now, customers of other collection services will see how our cutting-edge predictive analytics can improve any IT infrastructure.

    Tivoli and HP performance data collection are sources commonly used by enterprise IT, so we’re excited to bring AutoPredict to that software and give more companies access to TeamQuest’s high-speed, accurate predictive algorithms.

    The AutoPredict software can even be adapted for data sources other than Tivoli and HP, so long as the the system has the metrics and capacity required for advanced analytics.

    Capacity Planning

    As demonstrated by this new release, TeamQuest is leading the way in the field of capacity planning. Tools like AutoPredict allow your IT team to adopt a proactive approach to capacity planning, increasing productivity and preventing disaster. And now that it’s compatible with other data collection systems, there’s no reason why your company can’t take full advantage of our high-quality services.

    Every step of the capacity planning process can be improved with TeamQuest products  from determining company and customer expectations, to measuring and analyzing current capacity, to forecasting what’s to come and brainstorming ways to deal with those anticipated challenges.

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