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    Launch of PS4 Game PlanetSide 2 Marred by Downtime

    September 1, 2015

    By Wyndham Sellers

    After a catastrophic server failure marred the release of their newest title, Daybreak Game Company is struggling to earn back its customers’ trust.

    In the social media-driven world of online gaming, news travels fast  especially bad news. Gamers are tech-savvy and highly opinionated, leaving development companies zero margin of error when it comes to operational efficiency. Nothing, not even a minor hiccup, is likely to slip by unnoticed.

    Daybreak Game Company’s misstep earlier this summer is a perfect example of how poor planning can lead to a disastrous outcome. Daybreak under-anticipated consumer response to the release of its most recent title, PlanetSide 2, which overloaded the company’s servers and forced the developer to take them offline.

    Although the servers weren’t down for long, word of Daybreak’s mistake spread quickly, damaging the company’s reputation in a competitive market largely built on customer loyalty and trust. Here are a few ways that Daybreak could’ve better prepared for the release and avoided this ordeal altogether.

    Determine Your Current Capacity

    Effective capacity planning is key when it comes to handling unexpected spikes in user demand of web-based services. But before you can start planning for the future, you have to figure out where you stand today.

    Taking the time to look into your current infrastructure will allow you to gain a better understanding of your overall virtual and physical systems. Utilizing tools like data metrics and analyzers can provide insights into how to manage your system resources more effectively.

    You might find that one area is struggling to perform while another is being underutilized, in which case the resources can be more evenly dispersed to reduce the amount of day-to-day strain on the overall system. Once your current system is optimized, you can move forward more comfortably knowing you’ve got power and flexibility on your side.

    Be Ready For Anything

    Daybreak’s fatal mistake was that they greatly underestimated the amount of traffic their servers would be subjected to upon the game’s release. Predictive analytics can be a valuable tool when it comes to planning for potential surges down the road, so you can keep your servers running smoothly under any level of demand.

    And don’t forget to check in with reality every once and a while; exploring real-world channels and communicating with your customers is the best way to keep in-step with the trends that usually indicate drastic shifts in consumer behavior.

    Get Help from the Right Places

    When it comes to capacity planning, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Seeking out the proper tools and advice will ultimately make the difference when it comes to your infrastructure’s ability to handle the fluctuating demands of unpredictable digital markets.

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