How to Explain Capacity Management to Your Boss

    September 2, 2015

    By John Miecielica

    A guide to convincing your boss of the need for capacity management, ensuring your company can always meet demand for its online services.

    Digital trends and technologies are becoming so integral to business that a company’s ability to keep up with them largely determines whether it will succeed or fail.

    When an online service crashes or experiences a significant slowdown, the results can be as catastrophic for a company’s reputation as it is for its profits. That’s why one of the most important emerging areas in digital business is capacity management.

    Simply put, capacity management is the process of predicting how demand for your online services will change so your IT infrastructure can be prepared for it. This ensures that everything you offer your customers online is optimized and running smoothly, which ultimately generates revenue while keeping operating costs down.

    While capacity management plans are already being implemented into IT infrastructures across the country, the idea is still relatively new and can be difficult to understand. For many executives and high-ranking employees who entered the workforce long before the tech boom, the game-changing potential of something like capacity management is often overlooked.

    Here are a few tips to help your boss see the light:

    A Financial Security Blanket

    While analyzing spikes in traffic to your website might seem like a complex and unnecessary practice, it’s a baseline requirement for any company hoping to remain competitive in the cutthroat digital marketplace. By paying close attention to these reports, businesses can fine-tune their operating systems and optimize performance efficiency, which will ultimately add value to the business as a whole.

    An investment in capacity management allows companies to improve their IT capabilities while also dramatically cutting costs. Even if your boss isn’t aware of this strategy, he or she will certainly appreciate the end result.

    By increasing operating capacity, employees business-wide will be able to focus more on existing projects and generating future revenue, instead of getting bogged down by technical difficulties and customer complaints.

    How It’s Done

    By conducting frequent performance analyses, IT departments can take measurement data and use it to predict future growth developments and reduce wasted energy. The recovered cost benefits can go directly towards funding any current or future projects, making sure they run smoothly and efficiently.

    Proper capacity planning allows businesses to move forward armed with valuable information and ensures a continued upward trajectory, even in the face of unexpected challenges. By carefully collecting, analyzing, and implementing all the relevant data, the needs of your web services will be much more predictable, something that’s not always true of projects in the digital age.

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    (Main image credit: Andrew Skudder/flickr)