The Next Big Thing in Capacity Planning

    September 24, 2015

    By Dino Balafas

    The next big thing in capacity planning is to bring it into the mainstream of business  and TeamQuest’s simple and intuitive ITSO solutions are making that process downright easy.

    In today’s highly competitive world of business, a thorough understanding of your means and goals is crucial to success. In IT, the art of getting that understanding is known as capacity planning. The Houston Chronicle simply defines this art as “the efficient use of resources by projecting production needs.”

    But while capacity planning is a straightforward idea, its practical application to a business environment can prove difficult. Complex jargon and foreign IT concepts often alienate employees and delay the adoption of the best ideas and practices.

    For these reasons, the next big thing in capacity isn’t a shiny gadget or a groundbreaking technology  it’s making these ideas as simple and approachable as possible.

    Relatable Terms

    It’s important to provide employees with a clear understanding of how IT operations and their processes directly affect them  to do that, you have to put your ideas in business terms. Framing the discussion using comprehensible language like risk, reward, growth, scalability, and ROI is crucial to making these complex topics feel universal.

    For example, take the fact that any company with undisciplined IT capacity management fights an average of eight unexpected IT issues per week. While your workers may shrug off that single-digit number as basically negligible, they’ll see things differently if you break this situation down for them: eight IT issues, depending on the severity, can amount to 190 hours of manpower per week spent remedying them.

    These hours needlessly waste company money on problems that almost certainly could have been avoided with proper planning.

    It’s imperative that employees and employers alike understand the gravity of these situations, and that, if compounded, they can hurt the growth prospects of the entire company. Understanding the importance of a comprehensive capacity planning system is the first step to actually implementing one.

    Optimization Maturity

    As executives know, high performance and sufficient capacity  across the board  are together crucial to the success of any business. And this is the core idea around which TeamQuest operates. Our IT Service Optimization (ITSO) maturity model surveys all the ways in which IT interacts with your business and ensures that all of those elements are running in harmony, giving you maximum results.

    Our maturity model emphasizes a holistic approach, as singlehandedly focusing on one objective may negatively impact your capabilities in other areas.

    By helping every level of your company understand IT in terms of business solutions, rather than in the phraseology of servers and motherboards, you’ll dramatically improve your workflow, ease implementation, and avoid unnecessary roadblocks. The result is increased efficiency and a more productive business.

    Balance and Focus with TeamQuest

    TeamQuest is an organization that understands both sides of a successful IT department: we know capacity planning and digital logistics, but we also understand that those terms can be alienating. Through our balanced solutions and carefully designed optimization models, TeamQuest can help you achieve better business success through system optimization and effective implementation. For more information, reach out to a TeamQuest representative today.

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